N2P Project

MOF on textile


The extraordinary properties of MOFs are expected to lead to a significant ecologic and economic impact in three areas:

Gas purification
The purity of gases has an important economical and environmental relevance. Specific porous materials for selective gas adsorption require an application in advanced filter systems. Industrial feed gases and exhaust gases require a high purity to ensure durable processes and avoid pollution. The integration of MOFs into textile products will be used to develop novel filter materials with high air permeability and a high capacity of the elimination of toxic compounds from air and industrial feed gases. For industrial and house-hold applications novel MOF-based gas purification systems will be developed.

Safe gas storage and delivery
Safe delivery of high purity gases is crucial for tool operation in semiconductor and solar industry. With the aid of porous hybrid materials the storage capacity of tank systems will be enhanced. Adsorptive gas storage is achieved under reduced pressure will improve handling safety.

Catalysis is an ecologically relevant and economically attractive technology. The replacement of liquid acids by solid state catalysts avoids the production of toxic liquid waste. MOF catalysts are designed for the conversion of natural resources into valuable products for the oleochemical industry.

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